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TASER products are actually applied efficiently by law enforcement encounters by above thousands of police companies in many international locations, boasting a 95% + effectiveness score.  TASER know-how supplies one of the only non-lethal signifies of halting an attacker lifeless in his tracks, even though underneath the affect of medicines or alcohol.

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TASER BOLT is the redesigned C2 Along with the exact knock down power as law enforcement TASERs, but only weighing 7 ounces. This device is gentle excess weight, compact and easily fits inside a pocket or purse. The fifteen foot cartridge allows for a safe length among you and an attacker. When fired, the TASER Bolt will deliver a thirty-2nd Electrical power burst. All through this thirty-next window of option even though the attacker is incapacitated, you'll be able to set the device down and have to security. The Bolt may also be applied as a close proximity stun gun again up without the cartridge or after the cartridge has been fired.

All TASER Self-Protection weapons carry the identical knock-down punch that is definitely normal for law enforcement businesses throughout the world. The PULSE and BOLT vary from your X26 and X2 since instead of using a 10-next cycle on very first trigger pull (or 5-next for law enforcement), the heartbeat and BOLT cycle for thirty-seconds when fired. This gives you a window of opportunity to make a secure escape.

Usefulness  A success everywhere on the human body might be efficient Along with the TASER® unit, rendering it much easier to use and a lot more trustworthy under pressure than some other use-of-power solution. TASER® Power weapons are subject demonstrated approximately ninety five% helpful in actual police use - the very best of any identical gadget.

Hide your valuables in basic sight!  Hidden Safes or Diversion safes are standard hunting objects that have hidden compartments inside of. Only you recognize that can of eco-friendly beans essentially has your solution stash or passport within.

A line of customers ready to acquire pre-Black Friday deals on online video games acquired a little uncontrolled, In line with law walmart tasers enforcement. An eleven-yr-old boy was knocked to the ground by the group all-around ten p.

This device is compact and will be carried in pretty much any purse or pocket, still is equally as effective as each of the other styles that legislation enforcement agencies use. The TASER Pulse fires two darts linked to two insulated wires up to fifteen feet to disable even by far the most aggressive assailants with fifty,000 volts of electrical power. It can also disable an assailant with out a cartridge mounted, mainly because it can be utilized to be a direct Call stun machine. Simply just press the unit from the assailant's body and pull the set off. This will make exactly the same result as when cartridges are fired. TASER® Pulse

SAFETY -- The C2 TASER can prevent a threat up to 15 feet away (four.five meters), making it possible for you a secure length to shield yourself and family members from an attacker.  If a close quarter protection is warranted, the C2 Taser doubles as a Make contact with stun system to repel a person as a powerful and unforeseen backup ability.

The M26c is modeled after a Glock 9mm handgun and is popular with protection guards who want to seem armed. The M26c is hefty and hulking rather than a good choice for private protection. This is a discontinued product that was changed by the Pulse.

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